Partner with Fetch!

At Fetch, we're always looking to add new partners.  Partnering with Fetch is a great way to drive more sales to your restaurant!  Increase your sales with our online ordering and delivery system.  You pay nothing unless we bring you sales!

Benefits of being a delivery partner

1.  Online ordering - We will put your entire menu on our site with all options available allowing our customers to order whatever they want.  We can also add the menu to your website, or anywhere you wish.  Not only do we do delivery, but we can handle online takeout orders as well!  Research shows that customers prefer to order online rather to call a restaurant, plus it saves you time on the phone and helps prevent ordering errors.

2. Delivery - We have a team of drivers and dispatchers to deliver your food to customers.  There's three types of customers, those that dine-in, those that want take-out, and those that want food delivered.  The former will get something delivered, will they choose a national pizza chain or you?

3. Convenient Order Process - We use state of the art software that allows customers to order quickly and easily.  We handle the entire process from taking the order to processing credit cards.

4. Customer Service - Customer service is our #1 priority.  We reach out to them often to find ways to improve our service, and their ordering experience.

5. Advertising - When we advertise for ourselves, we advertise for you too!  We cover online ads, print, radio, and television.  Most of our advertising features one or more of our partners.  More sales for you equals more sales for us, so it's a win-win.

6. Low Cost - You owe us nothing unless we bring you sales.  There are no up front or hidden costs, all we ask is a modest commission for any sales we bring to you.

7. Other benefits - We have graphic designers and web design specialists on staff to help you with any of your needs.

To become a Fetch Virginia Partner, just send an email to and someone from our sales team will contact you!